Project Release Date
22 June, 2023
Project Role(s)
Ux Research


MINDEASE is an application designed to help young adults improve their sleeping quality by reducing emotional arousal and creating a personalized sleeping environment. In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, sleep has become a prevalent problem affecting people's well-being. Through an initial research phase we have identified sleep as a widespread issue within the population. To explore deeper the topic, we conducted 15 interviews and 50 surveys, aiming to understand the needs, the design opportunity and develop our personas.


Throughout our research phase, we discovered that sleep problems are caused by various factors, often deeply ingrained in individuals' habits. We identified two main  issues:

  • Emotional Arousal: Many people experience high emotional arousal at bedtime due to the stress and stimulation they encounter during the day.
  • Phone Usage: The use of smartphones and other screens in bed has been found to be deleterious to sleep. The light emitted by these devices disrupts our internal rhythm, signaling productivity instead of rest.


Based on our research insights, we recognized an opportunity to provide a healthier distraction tool before bed, one that helps users relax and reflect on their emotions, day, and overall well-being. To address this, we developed our final concept:

An app that engages users with relaxing exercises aimed at reducing emotional arousal and facilitating a peaceful transition into sleep. By encouraging users to reflect on their emotions and experiences, our app offers a constructive outlet, diverting attention from external distractions and providing a calming pre-sleep routine with breath and sound exercise.

Also we utilize gamification techniques, incorporating a roadmap, levels, and point system to enhance user engagement. This approach promotes a sense of achievement and progress, motivating users to actively participate in the app's exercises and make consistent use of the sleep-enhancing features


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