Interactive and Immersive Experience

Project Release Date
July 21, 2022
Project Role(s)
Interactive Environments
Immersive Sound
Music Composer


Immersive environments are incredibly valuable in many contexts, as they can enhance the customer experience, increase engagement and create memorable brand events. By incorporating interactions, participants can have a heightened sense of presence and uniqueness, resulting in a more customized and connected experience

This example is an interactive and immersive art project that explores the diversity of individuals. The composition is transformed by a device placed in the middle of the room, that allows the spectators to change and mutate the track through their will, becoming an active part of the creative process  (audio in binaural, so headphones are recommended).

From a psychological standpoint, this installation encourages active engagement and self-expression. Participants become active agents in the creative process, shaping the composition according to their preferences and desires. Also the combination of audio and visual elements in this installation stimulates various cognitive processes. The use of immersive audio creates a sense of spatial awareness and presence, immersing participants in a rich sonic environment.  By manipulating and controlling both visual and sound, participants are prompted to process and interpret the sensory inputs, fostering cognitive flexibility and adaptability.

To create this kind of projects I used the combination of various programs such as Ableton, MaxMSP, and Touch Designer. These skills allowed me to create and manipulate the audio and visual elements, giving me full control in the interactions between them.


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