Music for Fashion Movies

Project Release Date
23 June, 2022
Project Role(s)
Music Composer


Creating a successful fashion video requires more than just stunning visuals. Music is a crucial element that can set the tone and enhance the emotional impact of the movie. In my experience of producing fashion video music, I found that using musical metaphors and blending different styles can create a powerful connection between the sound and the story.

This is “One Is Not Enough”, a series of Fashion Film that deals with a totalizing freedom of the perception of reality. The video's central theme of freedom and breaking free from conventional thinking was the inspiration for the composition. By incorporating surreal and unconventional sounds I aimed to create an atmosphere that emphasized the characters' individuality and personal vision.

From an experiential perspective, the incorporation of music in this fashion videos holds significant value. Music has a profound impact on our memory and emotions allowing us to recall and connect with experiences on a deeper level. By carefully selecting the right instruments with the director it becomes more than just a visual spectacle; it becomes a multi-sensory journey. In the future, when we hear that same music, it triggers a cascade of emotions and memories associated with the video, allowing us to relive the experience.


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