Enhancing The Emotional Impact with Musical Storytelling

Project Release Date
January 10, 2023
Project Role(s)
Music Composer


As a composer with a passion for electronic music and minimalistic environments, I create evocative soundscapes that, interacting with the story, add depth and meaning to various forms of visual art. I believe that music can serve as a powerful metaphor, enhancing the emotional impact in all the aspects.

For this project, "Al Macello," I showcase my music and sound design by creating a unique electronic score that reflects the story's themes and characters. Through the use of metaphors and symbolism my aim is to improve the presence of the experience and reflect the protagonist's feelings. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Moderat and Jon Hopkins, I love to create a minimalistic and atmospheric soundscape that underscores the film's themes.

Thinking about the  process, I take into consideration the context in which the music will be presented. In this case, the project was showcased in a museum (Museo Capitolare di Terni) featuring a professional sound system. Knowing this, I carefully shaped the music to optimize its impact within the space. Focusing on the low frequencies, I enhanced their presence to create a sound that resonates deeply within the listener's body, evoking a visceral response that intensifies the immersive experience. Also I created a special mix that complements the acoustics of the museum, enhancing the overall atmosphere and facilitating a truly captivating auditory journey.


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