Eligo Blu

Project Release Date
17 May, 2023
Project Role(s)
Ux research
Creative Thinking


This is a workshop that I attended during my master's year. Eligo, an e-voting platform, asked us to enhance the user experience focusing on university students.

Needs and Problem Definition

In our analysis, we identified several critical needs and issues with the existing platform. Firstly, the interactions provided by the platform were poor, resulting in a lack of engagement among students. . Additionally, we observed that the platform was only visited once a year, the time in with they were involved in voting. Furthermore, there were concerns regarding the platform's trustworthiness, which affected students' confidence in its use and the credibility of the results.

How We Solve the Problem

To address these pressing issues, we devised a multi-faceted approach that aimed to revamp the platform and create a more engaging and trustworthy experience. Firstly, we introduced live results, enabling students to receive instant feedback and real-time updates elections. This dynamic feature not only increased the excitement and involvement but also instilled a sense of transparency and credibility in the process. Secondly, we implemented the creation of polls, providing students with the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making and express their preferences on various matters. This inclusive approach ensured that students had a voice and could actively shape their academic environment. We focused also on engaging different communities in the universities, to foster a diverse and collaborative atmosphere.

Benefits for Students

Our solution offers a wide range of benefits for students, empowering them in their academic journey:

  • Personalized Experience: The platform tailors the experience to each student, providing relevant and targeted content based on their interests and needs.
  • Tracking Records: Students can access and review their participation records, enabling them to reflect on their engagement and identify areas for improvement.
  • Community Building: The platform facilitates connections and interactions among students, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • Expressing Opinions/Ratings: Students can freely express their opinions and provide ratings on a wide range of topics in a safe and trustworthy environment.

Long-Term Benefits for Universities:

Our platform also provides long-term benefits for universities, aiding them in their mission to create an inclusive academic environment:

  • Increased Participation: By making polls and elections more accessible, user-friendly, and convenient, we aim to enhance student participation.
  • Facilitate Feedback from Students (Data Analysis): The platform generates valuable data and insights into student opinions, preferences, and needs.
  • Community Engagement: Our platform serves as a hub for students to share their opinions, ideas, and concerns, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging.

Addressing the identified needs, implementing innovative solutions, and focusing on the benefits for students and universities, we aim to revolutionize the platform and create a more engaging and trustworthy experience for everyone involved.



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